In this final tip on the New Google Calendar, I’m going to explain and demonstrate three fast changes you can make directly on your calendar. The first is changing the color of an event, then deleting an event, and finally changing the time of an event. There is also a bonus tip at the end of the last tip. All of these tips can be done right on the calendar without getting into the details of an event.

Deleting an Event

The first two tips happen with a right click of your mouse or computer scroll pad. Hover over the event you want to delete and right click your mouse or the scroll pad on your laptop/Chromebook. The first choice you will get is to delete the event (see the image below and the red box around the delete option). Click it and the scheduled event is deleted from your calendar. It is that easy!


Deleting an event is simply a right click and then using the Delete option in the screen shown above.

Changing the Color of an Event

The second tip is accessed in exactly the same way as the tip above. Hover over the event that needs to have a color change. Right click your mouse or the scroll pad on your laptop/Chromebook. The window that pops up has both the delete choice and color choices (see the image below and the red box around the color choices). Pick your new event color and if this is a single event, meaning you did not create it to repeat, you are done. If this is an event that repeats, you will get a choice for changing the color of just “This event” or the series of events by clicking “All events”. Take a look at the second image in this section for what those two choices will look like.


Pick the color of your event by right clicking your mouse.


Google Calendar gives you the option of changing this event or all events that are recurring.


Changing the Time of an Event

Most people will go into the details of an event to change its time. Google Calendar makes it easier so you don’t have to do that. Put your cursor on the event you want to change. You will get a hand on the event. Move the event up or down and the start time and end time will change based on the length of time you initially set for the event. For example, if the event is for one hour and you drag it to another time on the calendar, it will still be for one hour. Now if you want to change the length of an event from an hour to two or three hours or shorten it to thirty minutes, put your cursor on the bottom of the event (see image below and red arrow at the bottom of the event. Your cursor will turn into an arrow pointing up and down. Drag that arrow up to shorten the length of an event and drag it down to increase the length of an event. As you do this you will see the end time of the event change as you drag the event up and down. Your event is now the length of time you want just by dragging the bottom of the event up and down.


BONUS: You can move an event from one date to another just by putting your cursor on the event, left clicking and holding on the event and dragging to the date and time you want the event scheduled. No need for you to go into the details of the event. Just click and drag!


Changing the time of an event, length of time an event happens or the day of the event is a simple click on the top or bottom of the event, or dragging the event from one day to another.

I hope these 3 +1 bonus tips on Google Calendar help you use the New Google Calendar.

Using your settings for the New Google Calendar is that easy! Give it a try.

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If you have other features you use in Google Calendar leave them in the comments section to keep the conversation going. Good luck!