In my first post in this series on the New Google Calendar I discussed how to quickly add an item to your calendar. In this post I am going to discuss how to quickly change your calendar view. The Google Calendar gives you six options and then two other choices within the view you pick. So open up your new Google Calendar and let’s give it a try.

Step 1

Identify the location to change your view. I’ve provided a screenshot from my computer below and put a red box around the feature we are going to work with in this tip. You will see it says “Week” and has a down arrow. The current view of my calendar is a week view.


Step 2

Click on the down arrow next to the word “Week”. You now have six options to select for your calendar view (see image below).


Step 3

Select a calendar view. Let’s select “4 days”. In the image I’ve provided below you will see in the top right red box the “4 days” view selected. In the large red box with the dates on the calendar, you will see it has 4 days listed. You can use the calendar as you usually do and enter appointments.


Step 4

Use the shortcuts to change your calendar view. Google Calendar makes it easy and quick to change your view. In the below image you will see a red box around the letters next to the various calendar views you can pick. Simply press the letter “D” upper or lower case, it doesn’t matter because it is not case sensitive, and your view will change to the “Day” view. Press the letter “W” and you will get the “Week” view. Give it a try.


Step 5

Check out the two calendar view features. The calendar view feature gives you two other options when you pick the view you like. You can “Show weekends” and “Show declined events”. If you see a check mark to the left of either or both of these events then you will see the particular option. Removing the check mark from “Show weekends will remove weekends from all your calendar views. Removing the check mark from “Show declined events” will remove events that you declined when invited. See the below image for the location of these options.


For more information on using Google Calendar and other Google Apps for educators, check out Hacking Google for Educators.

If you have features you use in Google Calendar leave them in the comments section to keep the conversation going.

Good luck!