I’ve upgraded to the new Google Calendar, which has a lot of great features. I’m going to focus on a quick tip for the next few blog posts. Today’s quick tip is focused on  adding an item quickly to your calendar.  So open up your new Google Calendar and let’s give it a try.

Step 1:

Identify the date and time of your event and click in the space. You will then see these two items appear. The first (in blue) is the untitled event with a default time of one hour. The second (in white) is the information you are going to complete for the event.


Step 2:

Add a title. Click in “ Add title” and start typing. You will see I’ve typed “Send Monday Agenda”. I’ve created a red box around the title and a red arrow pointing to the appointment in the calendar that automatically updates when you type.


Step 3:

Change the date of the event. You can change the date of the event from the calendar box. Once I’ve clicked on the date (I’ve put a red box around it in the image below) it opens up a calendar of the month. It then identifies the current date with a blue circle around the day (see red arrow 1 on the left), the date of the event in a gray circle (see red arrow 2 second from left), and then you can pick any other date on the calendar (see red arrow 3 second from right) and finally you can change the month with the two symbols that look like “< >” on the top right (see red arrow on the right). Let’s change the date to January 17th.


Step 4:

Change the time of the event. You can also change the time of an event from the calendar box. Click on 6:00am and you will get a drop down menu. There are two options before and two options after the current time that are divided in 30 minute intervals (see read arrow on left) and you can scroll through more time options on the right (see red arrow on right) by using the gray scroll box). You can now do the same for the end time. Let’s change the start to 7:00am and the end to 9:00am.


Step 5:

Click the save button. Your event is now quickly added to your new Google Calendar. 


Your event is now on the calendar (image below):


For more information on using Google Calendar and other Google Apps for educators, check out Hacking Google for Educators.

If you have features you use in Google Calendar leave them in the comments section to keep the conversation going.

Good luck!