Since 2012, I have blogged on this site and posted 83 times. That’s not a huge amount. But over the years the number of posts have decreased with every new year. Last year I posted just two blogs. There are numerous reasons for the reduction in production but after my second post in 2017, I made an important decision. I completely stopped blogging and started to observe what others were doing on their sites. I learned a lot from the information they were providing and I think I’m a better educator for taking the time to focus on the content of others. It was a great six months and as I start blogging in 2018 you will see a new look to this site and all the previous posts removed. It’s best if we take a fresh start from time to time in our careers, our learning, and yes… even our blog posts.

After taking time to learn from others, here’s what I bring to 2018 on this blog post:

  1. Shorter posts – getting to the point is important and people don’t have time to read pages of information.
  2. Useful information – I’d like to think everything I’ve posted over the years was useful, but let’s be realistic, it wasn’t. However, I’ll make an effort to provide useful information with the idea that readers can immediately use it.
  3. Celebrate educational trends and trendsetters – there is so much happening, so fast in education and so many educators doing awesome work in our profession. These trends and educational trendsetters need to be identified and celebrated. We learn from each other and what educators are doing in our profession. That’s how we evolve as educators and that’s how we grow our professional learning network. 
  4. Engage in a positive educational conversation – This is all that remains from what I first said in 2012 on this blog post, and what I’ve Tweeted on my Twitter chat, #satchat, since its inception. I believe if we agree to evolve as educators, we need to stay as positive as possible. Although there will be times this may be a challenge, we need to focus more on positive change versus negative. So I’ll continue to keep it positive as we move our profession forward. 

Have a great 2018!