Social_Media by William Iven

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It’s time to wake up your social media accounts! Depending on where you live, the school year is starting from now until right after Labor Day. As a result, most of us begin to prepare for school in the traditional ways of setting up our classrooms, printing schedules, developing bulletin boards, and writing lessons. But how does the connected educator prepare for the coming school year? Here are three things connected educators need to do before the start of the new school year:

  1. Go through your social media feeds and like / favorite information, resources, and links that will help your students, your colleagues, and you in the coming year. There is so much information being shared on a daily basis and it doesn’t take long for you to find something that will be immediately relevant to your students, your colleagues, and / or you. However, if you don’t like / favorite or put it in your pocket with Get Pocket, you will not be able to go back and find the resource. I recommend doing this all year long, but now is a perfect time to start.
  2. Prepare your social media feeds for the coming school year. To me, the most important part of this preparation is being sure your feed has a clear description of the purpose of the account and what will come from it and the inclusion of a profile and background picture. These 3 parts to your social media feed should be updated, at a minimum, annually and clearly explain how the account will be used and by whom. It’s fantastic if you have a social media feed for your class, school, and / or district, now let’s tell people what it’s for and show them through some good pictures. These three parts will help increase followers and avoid confusion by people trying to figure out if it is a legitimate account or not.
  3. Develop a routine when using your social media feeds. It is awesome to be a connected educator and benefit from the shared information and collaboration. But it is only valuable if you use it and if others see you using it. So develop a routine. It can be as simple as checking it once a day and posting to it once a day. But if you are looking for others to see the value in a class, school, and / or district social media feed, you will have to use it frequently.

Now is a great time to prepare your social media accounts for the coming school year. These three steps will help you, your students, and your colleagues. Have a great school year!

If you are looking for additional ideas for using Twitter as an educator, check out 140 Twitter Tips for Educators, now available on Amazon.