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By Jonathan Valesquez & printed with permission from Unsplash

printed with permission from Unsplash

If your school and/or district does not have a Twitter account, you are missing out on a vital method of communication with your students, staff, and stakeholders. In this era of instantaneous information Twitter serves as an excellent avenue for quickly communicating key pieces of information to your school and/or district community.  Whether you are just starting or have already established a Twitter account here are three ways to turbo charge it to increase connections and validate its place in your array of communication methods:

  1. Have a great description and picture for your Twitter handle. Notify people about who or what your Twitter account is all about. Is it for your school? Or is it a district account? People want to know where the information is coming from. In addition to a description of who the account is connected to, be sure to put some type of picture associated with the connection. People will connect with your brand faster than your description so be sure to include it as an image. Here are two examples (click on each to make it bigger):




  1. Connect your Twitter feed to your website. For me there are three reasons for connecting your Twitter feed to the district website:
    1. It makes your website relevant because the Twitter feed is updated in real time with current information. In this era of instantaneous information a school or district website can become irrelevant or extinct because it lacks relevant and updated information. I wrote about this a while back on EdSocialMedia.com in the post Back from the Brink of Extinction.
    2. It connects a whole new audience to your Twitter feed. Believe it or not, there are people who do not have Twitter accounts. Twitter, in its company facts, states that as of June 30, 2015 there were 315 million monthly users worldwide. With a world population of about 7.2 billion, that’s small portion of the total world population. Those who don’t have a Twitter account will simply go to the website to see what was posted.
    3. Some people have such an active Twitter feed that it is too busy to find the information you are posting. Instead of sorting or having to scroll through their feed, they just go to the website to see what you have posted lately. This is a convenience for people who have complex and busy Twitter feeds and lives.

Here is the Twitter feed on my district’s website:


  1. Retweet information from your staff and co-curricular groups. As a school or district Twitter account, you have a responsibility to not only generate your own information but retweet information from staff, co-curricular groups and other school organizations. This expands both their and your followers, and provides a well-rounded view of the activities and events happening in the school or district.

Turbo charge your Twitter account with the above three ideas. You will quickly see an increase in followers and retweets, and build a relevant and engaging Twitter account for your school and / or district.

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