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Schools all over the country are opening their doors to another school year. Prior to opening day, a lot of work goes into getting the schools, curricula, and staff ready. Our school social media resources should be no different. If you haven’t given your social media feeds a thought since the close of last school year, then you are not completely ready for the new school year.

Here are three things administrators should do with social media to start the new school year:

  1. Review your social media feeds. It’s important to check on who is following, re-tweeting, re-posting, sharing, and if there are comments from the summer. I periodically review who is following the district twitter account to assure there are no spammers. I’ll report and block spammers and any spam tweets.
  2. Identify new images and pictures to use in the coming year. Images and pictures need to be part of a school’s social media feed. They help tell the full story of the great things happening in our schools. However, we often go back to our “stock” images and photos because they are easily accessible. In the week, leading up to the first day of school, I will take photos of the schools (inside and out), practices, events, and new teacher orientation. Some of the better pictures (I’m not a great… ok, I’m average at best… photographer) will make it up to our website. Others will be used on our Twitter and Facebook pages. People love to see what’s happening in our schools more than reading about what is happening.
  3. Create a buzz for the new school year. This is an exciting time of year. I’m starting my 22nd year in education so that means that I’ve been a student or educator for 38 years. Even 38 years later I still get excited, and a little nervous, for the first day of school. As administrators we need to think about our students, staff, and parents. They are excited and, probably a little, nervous too. For some of them it will be their first day in school, or in your school. For others they are starting their last year in your school, or in their educational careers. Get them ready. Create a buzz. I’ve tweeted throughout the summer but started discussing the next school year with this tweet:


And started the countdown to create more buzz with this tweet:


As school and district administrators we need to get our schools, curricula, supplies, and staff ready for a new school year. But modern day summer preparations also involve preparing our social media feeds to start the year too. Prepare them now so they are ready to open the year and so your stakeholders will know where to get great information and images about what’s happening in your schools.

How are you preparing your social media feeds for the next school year? Leave a comment to help others prepare.