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The days and times are consistent but the topics vary. On any given day, at any particular time you can find educators joining together for a discussion on a topic Connect_an_Educator_Day_2015_002related to their subject area, students, or profession. These discussions happen on Twitter, Google Communities, Voxer, and other social media platforms. However, have you ever wondered what percentage of educators use social media? The ones that do use it are called connected educators. I have no statistics on this but believe the actual percentage, compared to the total number of educators in the world, is probably low.

Thinking back to when I first connected, I did not know where to begin, who to follow, or how to connect. Since those first days in 2012 I’ve figured it out along the way. For me, and many connected educators, this opportunity to be connected is of great professional value. The mere fact that I can simply jump on a social media platform of my choice and immediately connect to, learn from and collaborate with other educators based on an interest is simply amazing.

Over the years many connected educators have made an effort to help connect those educators who are not connected. On a recent #satchat discussion we discussed it with the topic being To Connect or Not Connect?. So many great ideas about why we should connect, what the value of being a connected educator has on our profession, and how to use it to improve ourselves were provided by the participants. During the discussion our #satchat team (@BradMCurrie @wkrakower @ScottRRocco) launched our next effort to help colleagues connect.

It is Connect an Educator Day.

The purpose of this day will be for connected educators to help a colleague who is not connected to connect on May 2, 2015. For those looking to participate here is how it will work:

Prior to May 2, 2015

  1. Model and demonstrate the value of being a connected educator with colleagues who are not connected.
  2. Encourage educators not connected to start a social media account.
  3. Show educators not connected what is available to them when they connect (resources, information, colleagues, etc.)

On May 2, 2015

  1. Have them join (and you too) #satchat at 7:30am EST for Connect an Educator Day.
  2. #satchat will lower the total number of questions to 4 during the chat to slow down the discussion and encourage the newly connected educators to participate.
  3. Resources, links, videos and other information will be provided to the newly connected educators who are participating.

Connect an Educator Day is designed to encourage those who have yet to connect to social media to do so with help of you, the connected educator. Will you help an educator connect? Will you be part of Connect an Educator Day? Let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this post.