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#3 – #ASuperDay will be on 11/16/16. Read below to see what it’s about.


REVISED: 11/11/16

Great things are happening in our classrooms, schools, and school districts. Each day teachers and students come together to teacher and learn. Building principals and ASuperDaysubject supervisors lead instruction, professional development training, and building level activities. Office personnel, custodial and maintenance staff, classroom aides, and educational support personnel provide valued services and support to the facilities and educational organization. Classrooms, schools, school districts, and those who work in them are part of a complex educational system that has more things going on in a day than can be explained.

But over the last few years I have read and viewed tweets, posts, blogs, and videos about the activities happening in our complex educational system. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing educators and students in classrooms, schools, and offices go about their days, participate in activities beyond the school day and give back to their school district. These windows into the life of a student, teacher, principal, or supervisor are enlightening, engaging, and positive examples of the great things happening in education today.

But friends and people outside of education often ask me, as a superintendent of a school district, what  I do each day. They want to know what life is like as a superintendent and the things that make up a “regular” day. It’s a good question that should be answered not by a blog post but through experiences in a day.

How can this happne? Well recently, I followed tweets from principals using #APrincipalDay. It was fascinating and wonderful to read what principals across the country were doing on this one day. Following the hashtag brought me back to my days as an elementary principal. But more importantly, the day highlighted the important things principals do during their daily routine as the educational leaders of their buildings.

That was the “ah-ha” moment for me. Why not have a similar day with superintendents from around the country tweeting about their day, their activities, and experiences with a common hashtag? But what should we call the day? That’s when I reached out to Michael Lubelfeld (@mikelubelfeld) and Nick Polyak (@npolyak), two fellow connected educators and superintendents, about the concept. I threw out a few hashtag ideas, but the one I thought would be best was #ASuperDay. Think about it, great things happen each day in our schools and superintendents are part of those great things as the educational leaders of their school districts. Therefore, these days are Super Days!

So if you want to share what a day in the life of a School Superintendent is like join Mike, Nick, me and superintendents from around the country on both Wednesday, November 16, 2016 for #ASuperDay. Share your experiences, your activities and the great things happening in your school districts. I’ll challenge all of us to make it interactive. Put up pictures, images, info, and videos. Let’s make November 16th #ASuperDay!

If you can join, leave your name, title, school district and state in the comments section of this post. I look forward to reading about your #ASuperDay.