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The New Year brings anticipation, excitement, and hope for people around the World. Education should be no different. Even after a few tough years with how the educational profession has been perceived and the difficult debates on how learning should be evaluated, there is always room for hope. With that in mind I posted a tweet on December 31, 2014 asking members of my Professional Learning Network (PLN) to respond to this:


Over the course of the next 24 hours there were numerous tweets from educators using the hashtag and identifying their educational hopes for 2015. To me it’s important to have hope for what a new year can bring and I looked for the responses from my PLN as validation for my belief in hope. Here are some of the responses that demonstrate the true anticipation, excitement, and hope for education in 2015.

A number of tweets centered on what should always be our primary focus, our students:





Some other tweets were reflective:



Other tweets brought hope for teachers and educational leadership:




Then others discussed hope for education overall:





What these and the dozens of other tweets validate for me is that a new year brings new hope and if we work together, focus on what is important in education, and advocate for our students, our classrooms, our schools, and our profession, then 2015 will shape up to be an amazing year. It can be a year where real change in education occurs. This change can be in how students learn, what they use to learn, how teachers continue to create engaging and effective learning environments, how educational leaders demonstrate the commitment to new learning methods in their schools, how those who make educational decisions do so for the betterment of all in our community, and how the negative perceptions of education are transformed into collaborative efforts. Those are not only my hopes but they will be my efforts for 2015. What are yours?

If you haven’t tweeted your #EdHope2015 yet, please do so or leave a comment below for others to read. I hope 2015 is everything you hope it will be!