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In my first post on the transition my school district is experiencing as part of       Going Google,  I explained that I will write a post monthly to discuss the events and activities that will lead us to being a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school district. This month focused on establishing a rationale, discussing training and getting organized.

Since the last post, I sent out two monthly newsletters to my district. In October’s Spot-On I provided the rationale for our transition to Google. After having a discussion on the rationale with my central office administrators they suggested the concepts we were discussing be put in writing so everyone could read and understand the reasons for this transition. So as part of my monthly message I explained the educational reasons for the transition. In addition, the newsletter included videos and articles on GAFE. The November Spot-On included more videos and articles on going Google as well as the timeline of events for staff to train for the transition. In addition, a link in my message gave staff an opportunity to sign up for the first Google Training as part of our monthly PD Academy. This training will be done by our Director of Technology and Integration Eric Sheninger.  Eric’s responsibilities will be to train staff for the transition and assist students and staff in their transition to more technology integration in the classroom. Having a specific person whose responsibility is to bridge the specific needs of the Technology (hardware and software) Department and Curriculum and Instruction Department is essential to helping in the overall transition to technology.

In addition we have:

  • Officially changed our domain for the transition from Spotswood.k12.nj.us to Going_Googlespsd.us in an effort to clearly separate the two systems.
  • Begun discussion with our leadership team on how our school district will change with the infusion of more technology and the use of GAFE
  • Started accepting volunteers for the pilot program in January
  • Established training topics going forward
  • Set up our Going Google link for staff on our website
  • Made changes on the technology end to begin accessing GAFE in the next month

Our Going Google transition in well on its way. We are approaching this transition from programmatic, structural, organizational, and most importantly, educational perspectives. Next month we identify the group that will pilot the transition and much more.