cropped-nomine-badges.pngOn a daily basis something new in technology is made available. For educators we need to determine which of these new technologies has value for learning, teaching, connections and collaboration. Since we can not try everything out there, we

often rely on recommendations from other educators. So in the spirit of sharing and collaboration here are three things in tech I’ve found useful and you need to try:

  1. Pocket – – If you are like me and spend a lot of time reading on your Pocket   My List Examplecomputer, tablet, ipad and phone you often find more items than you have time to read. By the time you find the time and want to read what you found you no longer know where to find it. Well Pocket saves the article, tweet, post, or site for you. It puts it in your Pocket. Then when you get some free time you can go to your Pocket and read it. I started using Pocket about 3 months ago and love it. I have not lost a single item I wanted to read later because it is in one place.
  2. Padlet – – A great app that provides a “wall” for you to gather information from Building Digital Momentum - Padlet exampleothers as a teacher, administrator, and / or presenter. It’s all done on-line and updates in real time so you are gathering comments and feedback instantaneously. Just provide the URL to the people you want to gather feedback from and watch the wall fill up. I’ve used it in a number of presentations and absolutely love the interaction with the audience. Afterwards you can lock the wall so no other information can be added. The owner also has the ability to move items around the wall or delete an item.
  3. Tagboard – – It’s easy to get a Twitter addiction as an educator because of the great content being satchat on Tagboard - examplesent out daily. Keeping track of it and your favorite hashtags can become a laborious task. I came across Tagboard as part of the Blooms Taxonomy Apps spreadsheet put together on a previous #satchat conversation. This is a great site to filter hashtags and more. I’m using it daily to get caught up on the information being sent out from some of my favorite educational hashtags.

There’s lots of great technology out there but some of the most useful comes from your PLN’s recommendations. Hopefully you will find these three useful. If you have your own you’d like to share add it here or post in the comments section of this post.