The start of May means summer vacation is about to start for some educators and just around the corner for others. However, summer has never meant a complete end to the learning or preparation for the following school year for educators. As this summer approaches it’s time for all educators to consider their summer learning through professional development activities and book readings.  And because of the growing acceptance of technology and Social Media it is easier than ever to be a part of a professional development opportunity, book study or learning event.

On Saturday, May 3, 2014 #satchat made the Summer of Learning 2014 the topic of the chat. During the discussion 402 educators participated in a dialogue about their summer learning plans and books they would recommend to other educators. As a support document to the conversation a Google spreadsheet was created with two tabs:

  • Tab 1 created a spreadsheet of professional development opportunities in May, June, July and August. These opportunities include conferences, webinars, Twitter chats and other opportunities. The participants of the chat were encouraged to enter information here:
  • Tab 2 created a spreadsheet of books recommended for summer reading. Within these recommendations educators explained why they recommended the book and provided contact information if another educator wanted to contact him/her about the book. See the list and add to it here:

What became evident from this conversation and the development of the spreadsheets is that there is a tremendous amount of learning opportunities available for educators this summer. As the spreadsheets grow with information it will become increasingly difficult to not learn this summer. You too can add to the growing list of learning opportunities and take part in a professional development opportunity, book reading, and / or the book clubs and studies that come out of the list.

We as educators don’t stop learning when summer vacation comes. Instead we take advantage of the many opportunities made available to us through conferences, book studies and discussion groups on Social Media. The spreadsheets developed during the Summer of Learning 2014 are just two examples of the great opportunities available to educators that so many of us will take advantage of in the next four months.

Have a great summer of learning and add to the list here: and