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On October 26, 2013 I had the honor of giving the keynote for the 26th Annual New Jersey Association for Educational Technology (NJAET) Conference. The conference theme was Digital Momentum and my message revolved around the evolution of our schools and how connected educators are building digital momentum.  What follows is the second in a series of posts about my message based on my notes, my presentation and my beliefs as a connected educator. You can read the first post here.

Momentum has been building in education from the time the first device entered the school but that momentum has accelerated with the advent of the digital educator. You, the digital educator, are transforming education right in front of everyone’s eyes. You are engaging students in learning that is neither bound by location or time. You are creating an environment that allows learning to happen at any time, anywhere, in any place. Sir Ken Robinson understands how powerful this can be and has discussed it extensively.

This learning environment has a name. It’s an A-Word… I don’t want to offend anyone so I’m going to say it softly. Digital educators are creating ASYNCHRONOUS learning for our students. Yes, I said it, Asynchronous learning. The student centered, anytime, anywhere learning environment for our students. It’s not a dirty word. It’s momentum building in education.

Just think of what you are doing now with digital resources. How you are engaging your students in learning that is not textbook or device bound. You are collaborating with fellow digital educators to create professional development opportunities. You are not limited to the resources in a book, in a room or in our memory. You can use the resources available globally.

But I caution us all that this digital momentum has created a frenzy and so digital educators needs to find a focus. That focus must be on two fronts:digital momentum pic

  1. Learning: As digital educators we must agree that the momentum that we are creating will be used to improve learning for our students. There is no purpose in engaging in digital resources if learning doesn’t improve.
  2. Instruction: As digital educators the momentum we are building in education must improve instruction.

As digital educators we are responsible for assuring that the building of educational momentum meets these two areas. When they do something equally as exciting has developed due to the digital momentum movement and it’s related to our own learning as educators.

It’s another A-Word… and I’ll discuss it in my third post!