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Everywhere you go there is talk about using and integrating social nom-new-1i4s65c1.pngmedia in the world of education. There is talk about Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Edmodo, etc. But what is this elusive social media? When I put in Google the phrase “definition of social media” there were pages and pages of definitions. So to add to the pile and to focus on the educational world I pose my own definition based on experience using social media and being an educator.

For me social media starts with a technology service that provides access. We all know the primary providers, some of which are listed above, but we should not be limited to the most popular. The key word is access. Access to what? For me this is where the definition takes shape.
Access to:
1. Connecting with other educators.
2. Communicating with other educators.
3. Learn from other educators.
4. Share with other educators.
5. Inform other educators.
6. Collaboration with other educators.

So putting together my social media for educators definition it would be:

Using a technology service that provides access and a connection to other educators so they can communicate, learn, share, inform and collaborate with each other.

Sometimes we make our definitions too complex. Social media for educators is all about the connections made and what we can do with those connections to be a better educator.