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The evolution of education continues at a staggering pace. As it does new ways ofnom-new-1i4s65c1.png teaching, resources, services and collaboration are popping up on a daily basis. These new creations are designed to be educational disrupters that bring about improvement to the world of education or transform the way, how and who we educate. Of all the new ideas out there I argue that the most powerful educational disrupter already exists.

This disrupter has the power to:
1. Bring about massive educational change.
2. Engage large groups of students and educators.
3. Create educational environments in the real and virtual world.
4. Design and execute dynamic and interactive learning.
5. Continue the educational evolution and add to the movement.

The disrupter I am describing is… YOU the educator!

No other educational “creation” has more potential and ability to adapt to the changing educational environment than YOU the eductor. Without YOU the educator none of the other disrupters are possible.

Over the years educators have adapted, adjusted, integrated, collaborated and infused new curricula, technology, resources and, now, global education into instruction. YOU the educator are the greatest educational disrupter available who can continue to improve instruction and the learning environment for every child, help other educators become better and more effective, engage more parents and the community, and most of all make education a respected and highly collaborative profession for future educational disrupters.

But how do you become the greatest educational disrupter? You must:
1. Take our profession seriously and want to be the very best educator possible.
2. Continue to learn, adapt, and experiment with new learning tools and resources.
3. Collaborate globally with other educators to stay abreast of new technology and techniques, and to work with them on educational activities.
4. Allow your classroom to be an observatory for other educators who are not ready or need to learn more about the skills, techniques and resources you are using.
5. Encourage and assist others in learning how to be an educational disrupter.

There are so many new and creative ideas for transforming education. Some may actually be successful. However, none of them will be successful without the most powerful educational disrupter… YOU the educator.